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Membership Dues

Single $60 monthly draft or $650 per year
Senior 1 (ages 50 thru 64) $50 monthly draft or $550 per year
Senior 2 (ages 65 and older) $45 monthly draft or $490 per year
Family $70 monthly draft or $770 per year
Junior Family (18 to 35) $65 monthly draft or $700 per year
All membership include unlimited green fees and pool.

Range Membership

Single $125 per year plus tax / unlimited balls
Family $175 per year plus tax / unlimited balls

Non-Member Rates for Cart & Green Fees

(Weekdays) 18 holes $36
9 holes - $20.50
(after 2 p.m.) 18 holes $31
9 holes - $20.50

(Weekends) 18 holes $41
9 holes - $23
(after 2 p.m.) 18 holes $33
9 holes - $23

(Senior Rates age 50 and over) 18 holes $28
9 holes - $20.50
Monday thru Friday only


A new year is here and we are excited about what the future holds. The support from the community has been so positive and overwhelming that Paris Mountain Country Club now finds itself in an unexpected position of having more memberships than the club can reasonably accommodate. While continuing to add new memberships would result in higher sales in the short term, we believe the long-term impact would ultimately be negative, with conngestion leading to inferior course conditions, longer rounds, and less satisifed cutomers.

Thus, to ensure that Paris Mountain Country Club's customers continue to receive superior service and personal attention, management has decided to implement a new membership policy effective Monday, March 15th.

Here is how the new system will work:

  • Individuals and families may continue to join Paris Mountain Country Club through March 15th.
  • Effective March 16th, a waiting list will be established for prospective new members.
  • Each time an exisitng member drops out, the next person on the waiting list will be notified and given the opportunity to join.
  • A one-time nonrefundable initiation fee will be required for the newly joining member.

It is important to note that this change will only impact the availabilty of new memberships. Current members and non-members(those who pay green fees) will not be impacted in any way.

 Please call the Pro Shop at 864-834-4781if you have any questions.